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Integrated Engineering

integrated engineering

This is how all Nordmin projects are completed.

What is it? Integrated Engineering, or IE, is Nordmin's vision of the future of Engineering.

We develop 3-D parametric models, from initial concept through detailed design engineering and drafting. Conceptual and design drafting work is completed in Revit, Inventor, and CADWORX. Mine design is completed in Vulcan and Minesight. Ventilation modeling is completed in VNET-PC, and Structural Engineering design completed in SFRAME, and ANSYS. The completed models, from mineral deposit to processing plant, from generation facility to sub-station, are integrated into a single overall project model. The basis of all things.

That one model is then expanded and refined. Workpoints established. Detailed design completed, and the conceptual models replaced and updated with the finished detailed models. The detailed models become the source of all 2D detailed engineering drawings.

Why? Seamless transitions through the phases of concept, design, drafting, fabrication, construction, and management. Through the use of transferable 3D models, Nordmin provides fabricators with detailed models that allow for exact reproductions in steel, pipe, cable, and rebar.

We integrate the project team into the design process by having Owner, Engineer, Constructor and Vendors involved in it. The IE team eliminates lost schedule time due to design or concept changes, minimizes costly construction changes, and hugely enhances the end product for our Clients.

Using these models, constructors can better plan their sequencing, and better schedule their work. Through the use of the databases, cost control and estimates of required quantities take minutes, not days. Every element of the project is now in YOUR control.

integrated engineering

These models also serve as powerful tools in training operations and maintenance personnel. Real-time walkthroughs of plants allow operators and maintenance personnel to become intimately familiar with every corner, every valve, every instrument of a plant months or years before it is constructed. Operations can provide invaluable input at the design stage to eliminate costly or troublesome issues at the commissioning phase.

We call this INTEGRATED ENGINEERING. IE is our mantra. Total involvement, total review, total design, total control. A totally new way to do business.  

Integrated Engineering