A leading Consulting Engineering firm in the Resource and Industrial sectors

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Vision, Mission & Value Proposition


Engineering the Future of Mining.


Nordmin Engineering Limited is the platinum standard in the mining engineering industry.

We see a world where complex design challenges are solved by our people and our core belief that:

Knowledge + Experience + Innovation = Solutions.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard in the evaluation, conceptualization, design and commissioning of mining and heavy industrial facilities.

Our leadership and vision take our performance to a standard beyond normal limitations.


It is Nordmin's corporate policy not to unnecessarily overload our team with work, instead dedicating the proper resources needed to concentrate on the completion of our current projects with maximum efficiency and competency.

We have a stated policy that is our corporate ethos, that every effort we undertake is completed as though we have a vested interest in the end result. We treat our client's money and time as if it were our own and take the project's objectives, budgets and schedules on as if they were ours.

We will work to our utmost to meet or exceed our targets and commitments.

We will never hide or attempt to disguise issues, faults or shortcomings - such issues are dealt with openly and quickly.

We will advise on any issue that we foresee as potential impediments to the project as soon as they are identified.

This is the standard we have set for ourselves on every project effort.