Our History

Nordmin Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Chris Dougherty. The intent was to create an engineering company that adhered to a few basic principles which are incorporated into everything the Nordmin Group of Companies follows today.

Build a company based on expertise and excellence.

Focus on being a company that works well with all outside firms, whether it be a client, another consultant, or a constructor.

Build a company that recognizes the fundamental truth: Our Strength is Our People. The wellbeing of employees is paramount.

Maintain an aggressive development approach to adopting new and developing technologies.

Provide mentorship to help all employees grow and learn. Provide direction, stability and opportunity.

With these ideals, the Nordmin Group of Companies has grown to over 120 employees with three office locations.

Nordmin is 100% North American owned and operated and provides EPC and EPCM solutions to the industrial sectors worldwide.