Energy Generation & Distribution

The global energy sector continues rapid expansion to both meet the needs of an ever-growing population and economy, and to replace old and obsolescent equipment.

Nordmin’s team members have been involved in energy projects for over 25 years, ranging from system upgrades and improvements to the design of new generation and co-generation facilities.

Our expert team provides a broad range of services including:

  • Environmental assessments and permitting for new and upgraded installations.
  • Power system assessments including load studies, short- circuit studies, arc flash reviews, and load shedding studies.
  • Civil/structural installations for all systems.
  • Power distribution and transmission system design including sub-stations, switchgear, and transmission lines that include aerial and underground installations.
  • Wind and solar generation facilities.
  • Gas, coal, and wood waste fired turbine installations and generation facilities.
  • Steam and water powered turbine installations and generation facilities.
  • Gas, coal and wood handling including conveying, crushing/pulverizing, pipelines, and hog systems depending on the feed type.
  • Burner management systems from boilers to ore processing furnaces to municipal waste gasifiers.
  • Plant-wide control system architecture design/ commissioning and upgrades.