Effective procurement and supply-chain management are critical to project success. The complex nature of long-lead components and assemblies encountered within industrial developments demands a comprehensive and real-time understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in the supply chain.

Nordmin assists clients in all elements of a successful industrial procurement programme to ensure that all necessary components arrive at the site in a timely fashion, as ordered, and with quality attributes consistent with our stringent engineering specifications. Nordmin offers a complete spectrum of procurement services spanning all sectors of the supply chain from budgeting and bidding activities through to manufacturing monitoring & support, logistics co-ordination, on-site delivery inspections, and warehousing.

Our team works to ensure:

  • Cost-efficient solicitation, procurement, and logistics processes for end-user capital savings.
  • Streamlined integration of selected products into our engineered systems and processes.
  • Consistency in environmentally sustainable manufacturing and transportation processes across all major equipment and material orders via measurable sustainability targets and milestones.
  • The fluidity of procurement processes amidst large-scale client or vendor organizational changes.
  • Deployment of extensive vendor pre-qualification processes to ensure that our clients are protected from unanticipated supplier insolvencies and unexpected capacity/output constraints.
  • Swift and decisive resolution to any procurement-related issues that arise, allowing our clients to focus where they are needed most.

Services include:

  • RFQ development and solicitation management.
  • Production and delivery schedule monitoring and management.
  • Vendor/contractor prequalification and selection.
  • Manufacturing technical support.
  • Expediting and logistics management.
  • Interim inspections and reporting from manufacturing/assembly location.
  • Purchase contract development and administration.
  • Quality compliance & vendor surety and insurance monitoring/management.
  • Cost tracking and cash-flow forecasting on major capital purchases.